Creative minds : Alice Averone, Yacht Designer

What originally made you want to become a designer?
I’ve always loved the idea of “make things better” and I used to draw the way they could be more enjoyable, practical or simply pleasant. I guess I started like this since I was 8 years old.

For new projects, where do you draw ideas from?
From every source around me… Could be an element that works really good in nature (insects wings movement or shape) an inspiration that comes from my travels around the world (lobster traps inspired me the structure for a library with a natural light source or even something already designed and simply watched upside-down that -from another point of view- can be the starting point for a totally new object/design.


What are the most unique features that clients have asked you to incorporate into a design?
Usually clients likes to differ through details, people likes to keep a yacht quite trendy and at same time ordinary at a first sight but then like to surprise guests with something special on board, may be a particular hot tub with one side made of glass or even its bottom made of glass that works itself as light source for the master cabin provided both with portholes on the sides and this “water screen” over the headboard. Sometimes the “wow effect” can be done by the preciousness of material like “blue Labradorite” thin cut panels I’ve used in a project with a retro-illuminating light system giving a really cool effect. It happened with a Chinese client I’ve been asked to project the master cabin in a really “chalet” style (in that case the word “cabin” was intended in the “mountain CABIN” way ? with rough stone details, leather and fur furniture complements (reindeer covered bulkhead was a must on client requests).


Is there a boat that you have designed that you would love to have as your own?
Let’s say there will be… It didn’t happened yet to me to completely fall in love for one of my project due to the style imposition given from various shipyards (often the so called “new design” is in fact something that keeps in itself 70% of previous model with a 30% of “fresh touch” to make future clients comfortable with an idea of “belonging” to the design tradition of that shipyard; any brand has its own hallmarks) I had the pleasure to make interior restyle for a “Tiger” yacht (Baglietto Shipyard – Designer Paolo Caliari) that is for yacht design what a Porsche 356 is for car design. That one I have to admit I would love to have as my own.

how do you think yacht design to look like in 10 years?
I think in the future the binomial yacht-car will be replaced by the one yacht-airplane, they will have in common a deep need for functional and stylish new solutions settled in small spaces. There will be a lot of technology without giving up traditional marine touch in my opinion.
What projects are you currently working on?
I’m working on the interior restyling of a 118.11ft luxury open super yacht (Tecnomar) for a client from Australia. Then I’m on a project for a new yacht line for Chinese market.

You have been doing this for many years. What has been a really stand out, fun project for you to do?
When I was working in Proship design and engineering studio based in Italy we did a huge project: ( an exclusive ‘sustainable lagoon’ where the quality of Made in Italy meets the economic power of China. I was both on the project of “Della Pietà” Yachts line (core project) and on the city planning involving one of the most picturesque islands of the south-eastern China in a combined project where made in Italy -known and appreciated throughout the world- met new technologies, architectural competence, renewable energy and sustainable designers.

Do you prefer to draw by hand or digital ?
I have to admit I prefer digital, it makes me simple doing any change, shaping, having a quick preview of volumes and use of the space, renders and so on, although I think draw by hand must be a consolidated skill for any designer. I have myself the University of architecture as background.

Any advice for an aspiring designer ?
Sure, I would say: “never give up!”If you feel your design skills may change the world even just making it little bit better: go through! Enlarge your ability and attitudes… I use to attend every year “View Conference” an event with international designers, companies and artist, where technology, art, computer graphic melts together. Try to look always an “extra mile” over what people are doing today.

If I say the word ‘Dubai”, what do you think of ?
I think about courage, luxury, possibilities… Dubai is a pearl of continuous innovation, never afraid to discover its true personality made of style, differentiation technology. Is the place in which architecture has been bring the highest level and probably yacht design will follow this trend.