Yuhzane restaurant ( Moscow)

Yuzhane (means “Southerns”) is a recently opened restaurant in the center of Moscow. It is the first Moscow project of Takhir Kholikberdiev, a pioneer of meat gastronomy in Russia.

In 2013 Takhir opened his first restaurant in Krasnodar (city in the South of Russia) called “Skotina”. It is the only restaurant in Russia which the cattle is specially raised for. “Kubanskoe myaso” cooperative was established especially for the needs of the restaurant. It includes about 60 producers of beef, pork and lamb from the Krasnodar territory, the Republic Adygea and the Karachay-Cherkess Republic.
Now, Tahir has decided to introduce his philosophy to the inhabitants of Moscow. He has brought all the best recipes and products of the South of Russia, and does not intend to abandon his principles.

They are stated even in the menu:
1. We are not limited to cooking steaks from the premium parts of the carcass. In our recipes, we use every part to create delicious food. We suggest you go against the “meat fascism” too and expand your tastes. Quality of meat and cooking technique are not defined as “tender or not tender”!
2. We are against produce and meat discrimination– when beauty standards and the appearance of the dish are more important than taste or quality.
3. We are against violence! We only allow for the correct slaughter of animals as part of the food chain and nothing more.
4. All meat served in our restaurant is from the regions of Krasnodar (“Kubaskoe Myaso” cooperative), Bryansk (“Miratorg”), and Voronezh (“Primebeef”), as well as small producers from the Republic of Adygeya, the Rostov Region and the Karachayevo-Circassian Republic. We are constantly expanding the geographic area and are ready for new discoveries and tastes.

The restaurant does not intend to hide from the eyes of the guests the process of cooking, so there are multiple zones with an open grill (length of 2.5 meters), the cast iron smokehouse, maturing meat camera, butcher table and barrels for dry salting.
The space of almost 800 square meters is divided into two zones: the ground floor cafe with a bar with an affordable menu with a huge meat section and the first floor where more meat dishes are served in a restaurant atmosphere. It is important to understand that “Yuzhane” is not a steak house. The main slogan of the project is ”all cuts are edible”. So only a quarter of the menu is devoted to premium steaks. The rest is the space for experiments with meat and other products.
The chef is Roman Shubin familiar about the projects of the “Meat club” and “Voronezh”.
Here you can not only eat the Cuban specialties, but also drink them.

You can find the beer from Big Village Brewery (Tahir’s own brewery in Krasnodar where citrus wheat ale South Trip and Imaginarium IPA are manufacturing). And for those who like something stronger, there is a draught tincture on distillate and smoked pear, the recipe of which was invented in Krasnodar restaurant “Skotina”.

Contact :
Building 10, Prospekt Akademika Sakharova
Tel : +7 (495) 926-16-40
Facebook : click here 


Daily from 12 pm to 00 am