Tasmania Roars in Oscar-tipped Movie Lion

Sharing airtime with Hollywood superstars in the slightly mythical true journey of Saroo Brierley, Tasmania the actress provides seductive glimpses of her pristine coastlines, uncrowded beaches, and untouched wilderness on the world stage. Premiering at the Toronto Film Festival to a standing ovation, the film, launching in selected cinemas 25 November, is expected to collect a swag of Oscar nominations.

In Lion, based on the bestselling book by Saroo Brierley A Long Way Home, Tasmania’s landscapes perform as the backdrop for Saroo’s extraordinary story of survival and unwavering determination. As the story unfolds, keep an eye on the rugged splendour of this relatively unknown actress. She’s dramatic, providing colour and life without words. She needs no script.

Tasmania is a keeper of stories that affect the way one sees the world — likely why she’s been asked more than once to hit the silver screen in recent times. A natural beauty with a captivating grin, her magnetic sense of adventure will lure you in — inviting you to know her better.

She’s due to open MACq 01, a storytelling hotel on the Hobart waterfront that is going to reveal all sides of her — each room offering insight to Tasmania’s current and former characters. She has also just laid a path touted as Australia’s finest coastal walk, the Three Capes Track. Keep an eye on Lion’s silent actress and you’ll see one of those capes playing her role.

This supporting actress is no stranger to the stage. Travel + Leisure in recent years has named Tasmania amongst the world’s top ten islands. Lonely Planet sang her international praises, naming her the hottest destination on the planet a few years back and one of the world’s top 10 regions to visit last year. Her other accolades include world’s best whisky and best golf links course, along with the revered Saffire Freycinet, picking up best boutique hotel in the world.

Not that she likes to boast. But Tasmania is also home to that highly acclaimed private art gallery known as Mona and arguably the cleanest air on the planet, just for good measure. When you visit her, be sure to bring your appetite. Tasmania is bursting with passionate artisans producing organic, heirloom produce and locally distilled and brewed drink.

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