Levi Strauss Museum (Bavaria, Germany)

The Levi Strauss Museum in Buttenheim is located in the house where the inventor of jeans was born, and offers a fascinating insight into his life. A permanent exhibition is dedicated to the history of the Franconian country Jews in the 19th century, and, naturally, to jeans.

Everyone knows what they are and almost everyone has some in their wardrobe – jeans. But who would have thought that their famous inventor, Levi Strauss, came from Bavaria, or more precisely from the Upper Franconian town of Buttenheim? The house in which Levi Strauss was born in 1829 as the son of a Jewish peddler has been preserved and has been home to the Levi Strauss Museum since the year 2000.

The inventor of jeans is your guide to the exhibits in the Levi Strauss Museum, along with another audio guide narrator. This way, visitors enjoy a fascinating insight into his life and find out, among other things, why the boy left Buttenheim with his family in 1848 to emigrate to America.

At the same time, the permanent exhibition also tells the history of the Franconian country Jews in the 19th century, and naturally explores in depth the product that made Levi Strauss a global name – jeans.