Four exceptional properties join Relais & Châteaux

It’s hard to imagine a more idyllic place than this 13-key hotel. With 11 rooms and 2 cottages, it stands in one of the most exquisite spots on Pine Cay, a private 800-acre island on the Turks and Caicos archipelago of the British West Indies.

This elegant five-star establishment offers the very quintessence of seclusion in a décor of white with light wood accents. It revolves around the celebrated Casa Club, where the island’s owners and guests gather at day’s end to drink in the tranquil beauty of the sun setting on the horizon. Kirk Aulin, the Maître de Maison, is committed to preserving this heavenly haven through proactive ecological initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, electric transportation and solar panels. He demonstrates dedication and deference to these extraordinary virgin landscapes, mainly consisting of turquoise waters and long, gleaming white sandy beaches.

Les Étangs de Corot, Ville-d’Avray, France

In the land cherished by the painter Corot – who inspired the Impressionists –, Les Étangs de Corot provides a serene sanctuary far from the bustle of nearby Paris. These peaceful houses and lush inner courtyards bring a rustic, artistic ambiance to the former tavern, slated to reopen in September after several months of renovation. Antique furniture, travel trunks and club chairs bring the 43 rooms a warm, romantic feel. The Phytomer and Kos spas, opening onto the outdoors, capture the intimacy of the setting. Here, just a stone’s throw from Versailles, Chef Rémi Chambard picks his vegetables in the King’s Garden to serve up fresh, light, Michelin-starred cuisine.

Schote, Essen, Germany

“What people need is food that touches the soul: a throwback to the tastes of our childhood.” This article of faith is that of Nelson Müller, Chef at the Restaurant Schote in Essen, Germany. A familiar face in German media and boasting a Michelin star, this culinary artist does indeed succeed in taking his guests on a gustatory journey through his contemporary cuisine, staying true to top-quality, locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant is a reflection of its chef – dynamic, welcoming, and decidedly modern

Xitan Hotel, Beijing, China

The Xitan Hotel has settled into a 500-year-old site on the ruins of a village dating from the Great Ming, west of Beijing in China. In an exuberant setting of lush, green mountains, the property echoes the country’s traditional architecture, topped with some spectacular modern touches nonetheless. Chef Guozhu Liu – the first chef in Beijing to earn three Michelin stars at the Xin Rong Ji Restaurant – reinterprets Chinese standards with contemporary flair. Opening scheduled for September 2021.

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