Concoct Apartment-hotel in Milan : Feeling home in stylish cosy apartments..

The name Concoct comes from the verb “to concoct” that means: create, mix, invent.

In order to gain the perfect concoction you need the correct ingredients and the right measurements. That is what they had in mind when they created this Apartment-hotel.

They invited 6 young architects and asked each of them to come up with their ideal short stay city apartment, each was given a comparable “raw space”, a budget and a minimum of requirements.

And they succeeded..Concoct Apartment-hotel in Milan’s “China Town” is the ideal place for travelers looking for a cosy, nice place downtown Milan. No matter if you are a business traveler or a tourist..  All apartments have a familiar atmosphere and with the equipped kitchen you can easily prepare yourself a meal without being obliged to go to a restaurant.

The Humus Nine is a cosy room by architect Beatrice Spreafico with a minimalistic approach where every piece can be used at least in two ways to satisfy every need you have, even in a small space.

Humus 9

The Humus Ten was created by architect Nicol Havè and could be defined by “everything you need, nothing more”, minimalistic but very effective.

Humus 10

The apartment Tomo from architect Tomasso Fantoni and Micaela Bianchi Porro is characterized by a system of wooden beams placed in a way that creates scenes and internal divisions, having no real closures throughout the open living space.


An important detail of mounting and fixing between the beams and panels in OSB, which is known for strength and stability.

Great attention was also paid to the development of all the furnishings: the sofa bed in wood with original fabric from the 50s, the iron & crystal table, the library made from tubular iron OSB, which we painted white, the kitchen which is made entirely of OSB that was then painted black and the bathroom, again using the stable and strong OSB for all its details.

The choice of lighting is fundamental in order to enhance the solid and empty spaces created from the vertical beams which were spaced apart from each other.

The 02ARCH apartment from architect Andrea Star Stabile is an apartment where in a minimal space you can find everything you need to make your own “home”. An apartment that can become a contemporary house with strong roots in the past and distant echoes from far away.


Cagnato apartment by architect Giovanni Cagnato is an open space where you can enjoy light and colors. This is obtained by the choice of different materials and finishings.


April apartment designed by Alessandro Farinella could be described as “Milan fashion with a Swedish hint”


There are also apartments available with garden…

Humus One designed by architect Giovanna dell’Acqua, this is the smallest apartment, precisely 31m2. The idea was to create a small shelter, having its own unique environment, characterized to a large box made from birch, raised 50 cm from the ground.

Humus One

This element, a little ‘ethereal, decomposes the space, allowing you to live distinctively day and night in the same environment..

The sleeper’s box is a world apart, almost like a tree house.

They paid particular attention to the ceiling: the room is very high, in order to reshape the apartment without lowering the ceiling, they used a very shiny, green tone which connects the whole environment.

They decided a second ceiling was needed to cover the Sleeper’s box, characterized by three large circular holes, which throughout the evening and the early morning hours create the magic of light and shadow on the bed.

The Apartment also has two puffs instead of a traditional sofa, very informal, which can also be used outside in the private mini-garden.

Humus two from architect Andrea Ludovico Borri is the largest apartment of the complex, but this is not it’s key feature, the key feature is the number of layers that compose it, or that break it down.

Humus 2

Thanks to a height of more than 4.80mt. and the need to rebuild the slab that divided the ceiling from the cellar, it was possible to create an area with suspended volumes and sunken tubs that move throughout the space.

The kitchen is literally a cube hanging from the structural reinforcement of the building, built with beams recuperated from the old roof and bounded by a thin network.

The living room is instead a concrete tank lowered by four steps, compared to the rest of the apartment.

The tank has been shaped to create stairs and two built-in-sofas, located right below the cube.

They covered the area internally in concrete and wood, while the room, spotless: without decorations or other elements that may disturb your sleep

Humus seven by architect Jacopo Bonini has thee peace of a quite garden directly in your room. The goal was to enclose the garden in the room creating a mix of in and out to be enjoyed during the warm season.

Humus 7

Humus eight from architect Matteo Pavesi is an apartment where the overall idea was to create an intimate area where you feel free, the see through shower creates a very intimate environment where you can enjoy and relax.

Humus 8

Concoct is in the middle of Chinatown (Quartiere Cinese). This borders the Centro Storico area, and is a multi-ethnic district around pedestrianized Via Paolo Sarpi. This is the oldest and biggest Chinese district in Italy

The streets are strung with Chinese lanterns and lined with food markets and shops selling silks and leather, while dining options range from dim sum restaurants and tea shops to Asian street-food stands. Contemporary art exhibitions take place at the Fabbrica del Vapore cultural center.

When it comes to food, the Chinese district features a variety of choices satisfying any taste whim.

From breakfast until dinner time guests can enjoy both traditional Italian products as well as taste a selection of delicacies from the Far East that range from noodle to steamed or fried dumplings.

The area can be reached via Underground (M5 – purple line- Monumentale or, a little further on, M2- green line- Moscova), via bus line 57, 43 and by tram line 12

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