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B&B “De Schuur Inn” at The Hoeksche Waard in South Holland

Bed & Breakfast ‘De Schuur Inn’ is situated at one of the most beautiful dikes in the Hoeksche Waard, South Holland region.

What ? The Hoeksche Waard ? Probably you never heard about it but The Hoeksche Waard municipality has only existed since 2019, but this collection of sixty polders is much older. Most of these polders were built after the St. Elizabeth flood of 1421. A gigantic flood that wiped out most of the island.

“De Schuur Inn” is a splendid accommodation where you can enjoy the beautiful sights around this place. The owner’s renovated a barn into a cosy accommodation for one or two guests. The accommodation consists of a hall with a small kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom is equipped with a flatscreen and the bathroom is equipped with a shower, toilet and bathroom sink.

On the terrace you can enjoy the overwhelming nature around the accommodation or have your breakfast when the weather is fine.

If you want to discover the region by bicycle you can ask the owner’s to make a reservation at a local store or help you to find the nicest small roads to enjoy The Hoeksche Waard. This place  is also popular to have a long walk around the island

This accommodation is an excellent choice for tourists with special attention towards nature and pristine nature..

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