A new 5 Star Luxury hotel on Corfu Greece to be opened soon under the name of Kairaba Mythos Palace; It will be dedicated to a former resident, the Byzantine princess and Russian Empress Sophia Zoe Palaiologou.

A New Hotel project is underway on the tranquil southeast coast of Corfu. A luxury hotel is in final stages of development and will soon open to serve the demanding tastes of a deserving traveling public. In cooperation between the Rizos Group of luxury hotel developers and MP Hotels global team, all efforts are being made to deliver this exciting and unique resort experience.

The location is in a beautiful unspoiled part of the island. Set on the southeast coast in the region of Melitiei, the new Kairaba Mythos Palace enjoys incredible sea front views of the calm inland sea between Corfu and the mainland.

The natural environment of the area has been preserved due to the many ancient monasteries and even castles such as the Gardaki Fortress from Byzantine era. The southern region enjoys the most sun, and this particular coast enjoys the most protection from winds with clear crystal water that is so calm you can take your lounge right into the shallows without fear.

The beautiful island of Corfu, famed for eons, and a favorite place of many an Empress including Empress Sisi (Elizabeth of Austria) of but also of Empress Sophia Zoe Palaiologou wife of Tzar Ivan III. This coastline was the spa playground of wealthy Romans during the Roman era. There is still evidence of the roman bath complexes in two nearby villages. We live in a different world now, one in which any of us can go to enjoy the wonderful holiday experience that these most powerful and wealthy persons exclusively enjoyed.

The hotel itself is to be dedicated to Empress Sophia Zoe because of her former residence in the region, and also due to the charming romantic myth associated between her as a young girl and a local fisherman boy. Indeed, her simple love of the island meant that she brought Corfiot traditions and dress all the way to the Russian court of Tzar Ivan. As part of the dedication to her, the developers of the hotel have commissioned extensive works of art which all detail the stages of her life, the early folklore, and the impact this powerful woman would have on the world. As the sole Heir of the Emperors of Constantinople, her marriage to Tzar Ivan would unify the Eastern Roman Empire of Byzantium with the Russian Orthodox empire. The carefully curated mosaics that have been uniquely created to depict the rich history are in built into the beautiful marble décor of this hotel which makes it truly palatial and also a museum in itself. All guest will have access to learn and understand the historical importance of the greatest empire (Byzantium) that ever existed, and also learn how its treasures were not only wealth but also realized into important treasures of varying  human ethos and morality.

In addition to this superb combination of luxury, original art, and historical remembrance; the hotel also delivers on modern luxury features expected in a 5 star class of hotel to enrich the personal enjoyment of its guests. With spacious rooms, amenities, stupendous sea views, swimming pools and also beach access.

A spokesperson has informed us that the developers and their co-operating partners at MP Hotels are all very excited about this new project and look forward to opening later in 2019 with full operations by the beginning of the Corfu holiday season 2020.