Hotel Indigo Krakow (Poland)

Art and culture is what has characterised Krakow, the city of artists, poets and scientists, for centuries and what has made it great.

Built in 1836, the building which houses Hotel INDIGO Krakow – Old Town is located in the artistic heart of Cracow, nearby the Academy of Fine Arts and Cracow University of Technology. This has been the place to be for the most remarkable artists, architects, and engineers for over two centuries.

The hotel is located on St. Philip street, in the artistic heart of Cracow, near the Fine Arts Academy, where for two centuries the most prominent Polish artists have met and created. Jan Matejko, Stanislaw Wyspianski, Jacek Malczewski, Julian Falat, Igor Mitoraj, Tadeusz Kantor, Jerzy Nowosielski, and Ignacy Witkiewicz are amongst them. Here starts the historic route – Via Regia – which royal processions, envoys and national heroes once walked on their way to the Wawel castle.

The hotel interior designed by a Cracow’s well known design office, SAO, shows the variability and diversity of the history of Polish painting.Matejko rooms, which are located on the first two floors of the building, depict a rich bourgeois tradition full of intensive colours like the wonderful historic art created by Jan Matejko.

Jan Matejko – painter associated with Cracow, the most prominent representative of historicism in Polish painting.

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The nearby square was named in his honour. He was the first dean and co-founder of the neighbouring Academy of Fine Arts.

Matejko’s work was very distinctive and different from what was painted at the time.

The artist distinguished himself from others by painting panoramic compositions rich in expression and dynamism, intensive colours, and attention to detail. The creation of very pronounced characters and recreation of the authentic clothing and interior design was important to the artist. Matejko wished to awaken patriotism and will to fight in the Polish nation with his art, which we can see in the choice of subjects for his work.

Wyspianski rooms located on the 3rd floor of the building are an extraordinary combination of multiple textures, colours and details that create a unique atmosphere of Young Poland.

Stanisław Wyspianski – playwright, poet, stage director, creator of modern Polish Theater.

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One of the most versatile, talented Polish artists, whose work also included poetry and theater. The biggest role he played was in the history of literature and painting.

In the beginning, the artist created sketches of Cracow, portraits, and numerous stained glass designs. His art was diverse and also included painting, interior and theatrical scenography sketches.

Wyspianski painted using spots of colour outlined with a visible contour. The theme of his art was Polish countryside and Cracow.

The top two, most modern floors were inspired by Nowosielski in his abstract period.

Jerzy Nowosielski one of the most important Polish painters of the second half of the 20th century.

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Modern painter, illustrator, designer and philosopher. His works are influenced by the Russian iconography and Byzantine style, they are balancing between the Eastern and the Western traditions.

He did icon painting, abstraction and still life. Limitating colours to a few shades was characteristic for the artist who created an almost monochrome effect. He had his own unique style that does not fit any particular art movement.

While visiting Hotel Indigo even the biggest cocktail and exquisite whiskey lovers will not be dissapointed. This is who U Bar was designed for. The bartenders serve their original cocktails using seasonal ingredients and innovative recipes.

In vicinity of the hotel you will find Rynek Kleparski (Kleparski Square) which was also called the „adjunctive” (to the Main Market Square) or the „dirty” square, and Stary Kleparz (Old Kleparz) – the oldest continuously operating market in Cracow. The place was often the inspiration for painters and artists who documented in their works the colours and the prevailing commotion. When creating they drunk tea and honey on the ground floor of the building. To continue this fine tradition the hotel welcomes its guests at Filipa 18 Restaurant. The interior is filled with posters by contemporary, young artists. The place encourages to unhurriedly discover new flavours and sensual sensations.

The head chef, Marcin Soltys, is on the lookout for the best regional and seasonal products, from breakfast to dinner. There is always an element of theatre, which does not distract from the taste of the delicious dishes.


The library is a special place at the hotel.


You can lounge in a comfortable armchair, have a cup of coffee and enjoy a good book. The intimate atmosphere and decor make you forget it is a hotel and make you feel at home. Choose from many interesting albums and art-related books, amongst them books about painting and architecture. You will also find some easy-reads and gripping stories that will allow you to relax and break away from the everyday stress and routine.

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Active lifestyle enthusiasts will be glad to find out about our fitness centre and sauna that are available to the guests 24 hours a day.

Sauna open 24 hours on level -1

Fitness centre open 24 hours on level -1


The hotel is a five minute walk away from the Main Bus and Train Station and the biggest shopping mall, Galeria Krakowska, which is full of widely recognised foreign and local brands. Fifteen minute train ride from there will get you to the international airport, Balice.

The hotel’s location ensures a quick and easy access to the best restaurants, theatres, museums and universities of Cracow. Have a walk or commute by bus or tram and you can quickly find yourself at the Cracow’s business centres.

Hotel Indigo Kraków Old Town
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